Cosmic Dawn presents: Stoned Jesus + Midnight Ghost Train

Stoned Jesus

"Die Ukrainische Band Stoned Jesus ist ein Nebenprojekt des Krobak-Gitarristen Igor “Prog-Jester” Sidorenko. Unterstützt wird er dabei von “Nick” am Bass und “EphirZ” an den Drums. Progressive Stonerelemente und traditionelle Psychedelic-Anleihen vollenden das Mosaik STONED JESUS. Die Heavy-Dampfwalze rollt als einer der fettesten Stoneracts aus dem wilden Osten endlich auch über lokale Bühnen." (

Stoned Jesus - I'm the Mountain

Stoned Jesus - Bright like the Morning

Midnight Ghost Train

THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN is a heavy blues / stoner rock band hailing from Topeka, Kansas, originally formed by Steve Moss in Buffalo, NY. When deciding on a band name, a Hank William's song lyric was partially used. Their first release was "Johnny Boy EP" in 2008. In 2010 they self-released their first full length album "The Midnight Ghost Train". The album was self-recorded after the band relocated to Kansas.

The band is most well known for their intense, passionate, and soulful live show. No matter where they are or how many people they play to, you will never find THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN giving anything less than their absolute best. For five solid years they have been touring relentlessly in both the U.S.A and Europe, spreading their own version of thick Mississippi Delta-rooted style of stoner rock.

In spring 2014, THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN hit the road for an extensive European Tour (35 dates!), after which they came back home to record their next album. "Cold Was The Ground" will be released in February 2015 via Napalm Records. Stay tuned! (SOL)

Midnight Ghost Train live

Midnight Ghost Train - Foxhole

doors: 8pm

show: 9pm