Drschz Bäm presents: Gutbucket (NY)

Destroying walls between art-rock, avant-squonk, and mathed-out prog, Gutbucket's through-composed charts enter a place of pure sound. The decade-old New York quartet is not only equally comfortable playing in front of 900 sweatily pogo-ing teenage skate-punks, a crowd of cosmic indie-psych freaks, or on an anarchist German art collective houseboat, but most importantly, their music fits right in. Called “stomprovisors” by the Village Voice, the band has spent the past 10 years injecting a shot of glorious spazmitude into the minimalist cool of the New York downtown scene.

Einlass: 19:00Uhr

Beginn: 19:30Uhr

Fuck You and Your Hipster Tie