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Bushfire from Darmstadt are back with a new record and a new rhythm section. 2017 is the year of „When Darkness Comes“. On their newest opus, the international five-piece with members from USA, Sweden, Portugal, Italy and Germany has stayed true to a heavy, bluesy sound with its southern rock, metal and stoner influences. 

The successor of 2013's „Heal Thy Self“ is focused on existential themes such as life and death. Despite the often somber atmosphere of the tracks, the message of the album is one of hope: that in the darkest hour to search for the light. 

Bushfire were founded in 2004 and, over the years, have made a name for themselves in the stoner, blues and psychedelic communities. They have earned a loyal fanbase by playing with established acts such as Orange Goblin, My Sleeping Karma and Mos Generator, rocking festivals such as Stoned from the Underground, Desert Fest Berlin and Freak Valley, playing local venues and touring all over Europe.

The band has achieved this without any label or management but are thankful to everybody who helped them along their way. Bushfire in itself means self-determination, passion, freedom, DIY in its purest form: drafting, drawing, designing, even signing their albums in blood. 

„When Darkness Comes“ was released as CD and digital download on October 27, 2017, vinyl will follow in January 2018. 

Zombie (2017)

Die Trying

Black Ash Sunday (Full Album)


Das Heavy Psych Space Stoner Doom Juwel names Weedpecker aus Warschau, Polen hat sich mittlerweile auch in Deutschland einen Namen gemacht und steht für die schwerfassbare Melange aus schleppendem Doom, psychedelischen Soundsscapes, heavy Riffs und außerweltlichen Doppelgesangsharmonien der beiden Brüder Piotr und Bartek. Irgendwo zwischen Pink Floyd und Sleep, gepaart mit Engelsstimmen! 2017 erblickte das hocherwartete dritte Album der Band names "III" das Licht der Welt über Stickman Records. Waren die Melodien bereits auf den beiden Vorgängern der spannende Kontrast zu den massiven Gitarrenwällen, so bewegt sich "III" noch ein gehöriges Stück weiter Richtung Prog und in die Nähe der großen Brüder im Geiste, Elder.

Liquid Sky

II (Full Album)


Since the release of their long sold out debut, WEDGE are definitely an integral part of the European Rock scene. Over a short time the group managed to establish a steadily growing fan base by playing nearly up to 200 shows since 2014 in numerous countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, England, Greece, Israel and of course Germany. This includes famous festivals such as Bukta Open Air, Desert Fest, Stoned from the Underground, etc., and support gigs for bands such as Fu Manchu (US), Blues Pills (SE), Orchid (US), The Flying Eyes (US), Lucifer (UK), Pontiac (US), Simo (US), to name but a few.

WEDGE was born into the spotlight in 2014. The trio was founded in Berlin by guitarist/singer Kiryk Drewinski (ex-Liquid Visions & ex-The Magnificent Brotherhood), drummer Holger “The Holg” Grosser & bassist/organist Dave Götz and named itself after the first stone tool of human history.
Their sound is accordingly archaic, extremely effective, "made from solid rock" and, when used correctly, causes fire ... especially live! WEDGE blends mainly elements of classic rock, 60s garage and some Psychedelic with a proper dose of joy while playing.

Even before the band decided on a name, their first studio album was recorded (originally planned to be a demo) and released on the Italian label "Heavy Psych Sounds" in September 2014. The LP was already sold out after a short time and was very popular among the dancers, as well as the writers. Thus, the three multi-instrumentalists are frequently credited with refreshingly catchy song writing, which outshines their peers of similar genre. This also gave WEDGE some radio airplay early on. One of the group's greatest strengths, however, is experienced live.

Their latest studio album is called "Killing Tongue" and will see it's release in February 2018.

Easy Chair

The fight

Gaffa Ghandi

...sind seit 2011 in und um Dresden unterwegs und spielen ihre ureigenen Mischung aus vertracktem Stoner, wirrem Psychedelic, instrumentalem Rapmetal und Pseudoprogrock. Live präsentiert die Band ihre Heavyness und Schwurbeligkeit mit ausufernder Spielfreude. 2012 veröffentlichte die Band ihr erstes Demotape, 2015 folge die LP "Record of Success" im Eigenvertrieb. GG hatten bereits die Ehre mit ELDER, ROTOR, WEEDPECKER, TSCHAIKA, BULBUL, THE GRAND ASTORIA und anderen Szenegrößen die Bühne zu teilen.

Angst vor Alan

Der Hammer


Bigfoot - Dor Koren

For the first time, alive and kicking, the Bigfoot is real and living in Israel. Recording and producing music and art from his own home. Dor Koren plays every instrument with grace of a mythical story and the magnitude of a wild animal,Releasing a first album back in 2013, it was still as a home project. But on the new Ep - BIGFOOT 2016 you can see the world through the eyes of Bigfoot, and take a journey inside, outside and allover the place. This is one trip you will never return the same from Crazed Fuzzed instruments, Jazzy ferocious Drumming by Nave Koren, an arsenal of keyboards, strings and allot of free spirit, Only the bravest and most wild souls can endure, testing each ones courage and self beliefe 
Mythus, legend, folklore tale, Music Odyssey, The BIGFOOT is here to stay.

Bigfoot EP


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