WEITE (Elder / Delving Sideproject)

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Deaf Row Shows, Cosmic Dawn
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WEITE (Elder / Delving Sideproject)

von Deaf Row Shows, Cosmic Dawn

Weite was initially conceived as a one-off winter project by Boysen, who contacted DiSalvo and Risberg with the idea to write and record a record within a week. Having played together in DiSalvo’s live band for his project Delving, a certain musical chemistry was already apparent. The three recruited Berlin-based English guitarist Lubin to round out the quartet and proceeded to bunker in for a week of intense songwriting.

Sharing their diverse musical interests and swapping instruments frequently, a body of songs was quickly created that channeled a collective love for 60’s and 70’s psychedelic music, krautrock, jazz and listening to one motorik beat for 20 minutes straight. The troupe set off to record in a short session at Big Snuff Studio with frequent collaborator Richard Behrens and within a few days „Assemblage“ was born. Recording live, Behrens captured the essence of the session, at times mellow and times intense, with the five together then embellishing the raw recordings with a hearty dollop of experimental overdubs.

After many banal discussions and almost a year after the project was finished, Weite was officially born as the group decided to continue the project as a proper band. „We didn’t intend to start a band, but it kinda happened“, the band comments on their first social media post. „It turned out pretty cool, too cool to let it be a one-off, so we decided to keep it going. WEITE was officially born; the word means “expanse” “vastness” or “width”, a few adjectives we’d use to describe our sound.“ 

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